About Frankie Lane

Frankie Lane is the manager of the popular music festival, Summer Jam. She has been in charge of the event for over five years and has become an integral part of its success.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Frankie was always passionate about music. She started playing piano at a young age and soon began writing her own songs. After graduating high school, she attended college to study music production and business management. During this time, she also interned with several record labels and production companies to gain experience in the industry.

After college, Frankie moved back to Los Angeles where she worked as a freelance producer for various artists before eventually landing a job as an assistant manager at Summer Jam. Over the years, she worked her way up to become the festival’s manager and now oversees all aspects of its operations from booking talent to marketing campaigns.

Frankie is known for her hard work ethic and dedication to making Summer Jam one of the best festivals in the country. She is constantly looking for new ways to improve the event by bringing in top-notch talent and creating unique experiences for attendees. Her passion for music shines through every aspect of her work and it’s no surprise that Summer Jam continues to be one of the most popular music festivals in the country.